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Enterprise Connect 2017 Live Stream Interview with Marty Parker

In this recent interview with Chris Lotspeich at Enterprise Connect 2017, Marty talks about the two sessions he conducted at Enterprise Connect 2017 and discusses the entry of Amazon Web Services and Google into enterprise communications.  To view the interview, click here. 


Marty Parker is a regular blogger at NoJitter.com. Click here to see all of Marty’s posts on NoJitter. These are his most recent:


Marty Parker is a contributing blogger at www.UCStrategies.com.  Click here to see a list of Marty’s posts on UCStrategies.com.  These are his most recent:

On September 19, 2016, Marty began a series of articles that will elaborate on “Usage Profiles” as an indispensable tool for planning a Unified Communications investment roadmap.  The articles comprise an introduction to Usage Profiles and descriptions for nine Usage Profiles, including where they occur in vertical industries, and the communications requirements and solutions for each profile.

Information Week

Marty Parker also wrote a series of seven articles for InformationWeek about the changing face of enterprise communications:


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