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Our Company

UniComm Consulting helps enterprises take advantage of the opportunities created by Unified Communications (UC) functionality. Our experience has proven that the business processes in most enterprises can be optimized – streamlined, accelerated or enhanced – by applying the principles and methods of Unified Communications.

We have the innovative and pragmatic thinking, depth of experience, and superior skills to assist your enterprise in achieving measurable business improvement through UC: lower costs, improved customer/constituent service, increased revenue, and better asset utilization.

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How Can UC Work for You?

Save Money with UC
By implementing UC, you can stretch the life of your PBX, shift communications to lower cost tools, and enable the use of mobile devices instead of desk phones. Read More »

Make Money with UC
UC streamlines the processes that deliver your value to your customers. It can shorten development cycles, improve response time, and speed information delivery. Read More »

What Should We Buy for UC?
We hear this question constantly. You cannot know what to buy – or whether to buy anything – until you have examined your business processes and determined whether and how UC could help optimize those processes. Read More »


Contact UniComm Consulting for a free consultation. We can talk about UC opportunities and value in your industry sector and your enterprise. Our conversation will help you assess the best course of action for your organization.
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